Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Women Are Coming

The Washington Island Women's Club is scheduled to arrive at 1:00 p.m. A reservation for seventeen women. One would be enough to remind me of the need to sweep under the tables for all crumbs. One woman would be enough to remind me that the silver may not be clean enough. I feel old today, with limited time. Set the tables. Put out flowers. Sweep. Mop. Bake cherry muffins. White Chocolate cookies. Cut fresh for fruit salad. Make pie crush and quiche. Whirl, whirl the blender to create light. Do I have everything needed? Check supplies. Run to the store. Is the furnace keeping the room warm enough for them? Will the coffee be hot? Are the cups clean? Will they see the smudge on the window? Do I have time to clean it? Take away the old Norfolk Island Pine --it looks bedraggled. The women are coming.
Prayer calls me before the cookies go in the oven. I kneel. Light the candle. My prayer shawl is cozy. The women are coming. May they find the tomb empty. And, go to tell.

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