Friday, October 1, 2010

Mind Over Matter

When I paddled Baja Verlen told me that I didn't have to go to the bathroom, it was all in my mind. He claimed I didn't have to sleep, it was all in my mind. Mind over matter is huge. My counts are described as "less than robust." One of the doctor's say that I should have a bone marrow biopsy just to see what the marrow is doing. Is my leukemia back? Another doctor instructed me to quit the Bactrim for two weeks to see if the counts recover. It is not unusual for bactrim to reduce and suppress counts. "Aren't you tired?" Long term follow-up, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance asks. No. I am not tired. I hike and paddle, cook, clean, read, dream, organize, move furniture, throw garbage bags into the bin at the Island Exchange (dump), worship, sing, bake chocolate chip cookies, host slumber parties for kids, plan birthdays, entertain house guests chaperon school trips, drive go-kart and thrive with my family on Washington Island. Delighted to be alive, my good humor and high energy are over the top. If anyone experienced me as rambunctious before, I am now insufferable. Who is counting anyway?

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