Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Chicken

Another lumbar Puncture is scheduled for 2:30 today. Seven-year-old Kayla doesn't want to go to Hutch Day Camp today. She wants to go with mom. "I don't think the doctor will let you come into the procedure room with me," I explain. "The doctor uses a needle to tap into my spinal cord and draw out spinal fluid for a test. After the spinal fluid is withdrawn, the doctor pumps in chemotherapy. The chemotherapy goes into my spinal fluid and baths my brain in chemotherapy.
Kayla put her hands on her hips and spread her feet apart so that she had a good sturdy stance and looked at me straight on. "They may think I'm little mom but inside I'm strong and old. If I can see a chicken die and have it's head cut off and run around for five minutes, then I can be with you in surgery."
Kayla went to clinic with me. I reported Kayla's intention and resolve to the team. "O.K., she can come in," the doctor said, "but she can't bump my arm."


  1. Hooray! Good hearing this. HOpe it went well. Kayla seems to be beyond her years in wisdom. May you be well, and know we are all holding you still and close in heart. love, Joan

  2. Good for Kayla and good for the Doc to hear her wisdom and maturity.