Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Monday, July 25, Kathy LeClair takes Korrina age 10 on the bus to Camp Sparkle, Gilda's Club. Kayla age 7 walks to Hutch Camp in the Pete Gross building. I walk Shammond age 11 to the Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union, Day One, sailing lessons. Joshua age 11 is at the week-long over nights at Camp Indianola, United Methodist Church. Micala age 12 stays home. 1:30 blood test for me. 2:00 bone marrow biopsy and skin biopsy. I walk home with the big bandage. Since the para-influenza virus is still with me, I'm in isolation and not allowed on the SCCA shuttle. Shunned from the shuttle is a blessing in disguise. I'm getting good exercise on the Seattle hills. Mercer north of Minor is no gentle incline. Looks straight up from the bottom. I get back to the Pete Gross House in time to see Kayla and Shammond heading out with Debbie and Megan, Side-by-side volunteers enroute to dinner and paddle boats on Green Lake. They will rendezvous with Micala who has finished her one-hour with Zoie the tutor and gone on to guitar lesson with a volunteer driver. Getting in the door at the Pete Gross House, I have to sit down, take a load off and breathe before I get into the elevator. A healthy schedule for all of us.

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