Monday, November 15, 2010

The Ones Doing Heavy Lifting

Saturday, the one year anniversary of beginning chemotherapy, Marianne was in Lansing, Michigan, giving a presentation on behalf of our family, raising money in our honor through National Foundation of Transplant. Two weeks ago we were in Michigan closing our Dewey Lake house, members of the Sister Lakes Community Church came to help. People we didn't even know were lifting boxes from the basement and helping load the trailer. Claudia and Steve took us into their guest room. Friends are Washington Island kept our children in school and in their homes during our five days away. Sue took in Micala, Kayla and Korinna, Michelle and Tom took care of Steve, Marlene invited Shammond. Joshua rode with mom and dad in the middle and stayed close. When we left Michigan, someone put an envelop with $500.00 cash on the driver's seat. Mike and Lorraine, people we didn't know until move time, volunteered and gave four days of their life helping us move. Then, both of them drove a covered trailer with a load of our belongings to Washington Island and wouldn't even take expense money. Tim and Margo spent a day unloading the garage and storing Joe's tools in Tim's barn. Janice knew to take down Joe's bird house and stow it in the trailer. With all the stuff we were moving, Mike bestowed a hand made shaker box upon us when we left. We are overwhelmed with your generosity. Thank you.

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