Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloud by Day and Fire By Night

While I'm sitting stunned in my room, still in bath robe past noon, Kathy Garner arrives with Mariann Karpoff, Molly Shaw and Kirsten Yelin from University Temple United Methodist Church. Armed with rubber gloves, cleaning solutions and rags they begin cleaning the apartment. Don Heeringa, a United Methodist Church volunteer in mission has organized a team of volunteers to clean our Washington Island home. An expert of mold eradication called for permission to assist. Bonnie Burnham rented a steam cleaner and attacked my car with a mold-killing bomb, rolled up the windows and shut the doors quick so that total destruction of mold could happen in an enclosed space. Billy Welache photographed the house and e-mailed pixs so that those coming knew what they were getting into. Billy's mom is coming to help. Donna and Lundberg and her husband cleaned out maggots and flies and started the wash down. Neighbors, volunteers and many others I haven't even met yet are preparing for our return. The Islander who said "I don't want that woman and her black kids coming back here," has no sway. The Port Authority of the Seattle/Tacoma Airport and United Airlines are seeing to it.

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