Monday, August 23, 2010

Stun Mode

Met at Northport into the arms of Marianne, Mark, Charlie, Alison, Billy, Stacie, Kathy. Flying transition to bed rock. Come to life turned topsy. A a year-long cart wheel on the high beam. Nailed, two-feet, solid, dismount into another planet. The full crew, mom, dad and six kids. Home. Bread & Water found alive. Billy had taken down the weathered cedar strip and replaced it with a kayak over Bread & Water's front door. Marianne and Mark filled the refrigerator with food. Kathy, Billy's mom fed us spaghetti and meat balls when we got off the ferry. Don Heeringa, Bonnie and so many others had cleaned the house that we slept in our own beds and didn't use the tents that Billy had set in the back yard in case we needed them. Alison and Charlie brought cooked food on Friday and tonight. I haven't unpacked yet. Sunday afternoon, I sat at School House Beach while the kids swam in Lake Michigan. I'm in stun mode. Pinch me.

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