Friday, August 6, 2010

In the World, Not Of It

Return to Washington Island. What will it mean? The kids hope to start school on September 1. We will assess and work with our molded house and car sooner than later since a fungal infection could be deadly for me. REI has a large-size camp rest mattress that I'm buying and carrying home on the plane. Tenting is my choice. After spending over 1,000 nights in a tent during my canoe expeditions, I'm looking forward to sleeping under stars again. The tan team wasn't real impressed. "Don't sleep on the grass," said the tan team nurse. "Spread a large tarp." I wonder if she is a camper. How did she know a tarp usually marks the tent's foot-print? Volunteers on Island have cleared out the flies and food that were left and the maggots that got busy after Joe was evacuated. From e-mail and phone reports I'm hearing that mold and mess are rampant. This past November, Becky Kuznicki nominated our family for ABC Extreme Home Make-Over. Yesterday, Dorothy Lindsey sent an article from the Green Bay newspaper noting that Lexington Home Construction are standing by for a northeast Wisconsin ABC make-over in August. Five finalists are in the running, the winner to be announced August 14. Who knows?

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