Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Two Who Carried Us

"If you don't go home this weekend, let us know," said Megan. "We'll see you on Monday night again." Megan followed up her invitation with an e-mail message of her promise. We aren't flying out until Wednesday, August 18, so I called Megan. She was delighted to here that we could see one another again. Megan and her mom Debbie are self-described "experts in fun," our Side-By-Side, University Presbyterian Church volunteers who have been picking up Micala, Korrina and Kayla every week on Monday evening since May. When the boys arrived in Seattle, Megan drove her car, Debbie drove her car and there was room enough for me to go too. They met us this past week on Monday evening. They added a special Thursdy evening fun for Micala, a special "just the girls" birthday dinner and manicure for Micala's birthday! Whenever they came to pick us up, they bring pictures from the previous Monday adventure. "Experts in fun" is a good sound bite. Marketable. But, when I think of Megan and Debbie, I know them as experts in love. Do you get the picture? Kayla is walking next to Megan. Kayla reaches out and takes Megan's hand. Shammond sitts in the back seat of Debbie's car and won't get out when it is time to say goodbye. "I'm staying here," he says matter of fact. Micala throws her arms around Megan and won't let go. Korrina cries. "When you come back to Seattle for your one-year follow-up, let us know," says Debbie. She means it.

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