Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sunrise over Seattle. Space Needle view from our window. All the kids still asleep. Refrigerator looking empty, canned goods sparse. United Airlines representative called last night and said "I'm working on it." She suggested tickets on a red-eye flight from Seattle to Green Bay. As much as I want to get home, the thought of six kids flying through midnight, changing planes in wee hours and travel recovery for an immune suppressed me made me ask the representative to seek another option. Suitcases are on the floor of the apartment. Dresser drawers hanging out. Papers sorted, tossed or saved. We are smack, dab in the middle of transition. Until we hear from United, we'll continue with our plans. Sail boat ride from 10 - noon this morning on Lake Union. Harley and Kathy picking us up for a tour of the Pacific Science Center in the afternoon. Sunshine in Seattle. Lift off a'coming.

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