Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet 100+ Days and Not Been Kissed

When Pat, my tan team nurse introduced herself on April 14, she said "lots of people call me mom." I call her mom too. On April 27, the day before I was admitted to the University of Washington Hospital for transplant, Pat changed the dressing on my central line. She put a gel pack of antibiotics under the dressing. I felt like she was packing me a body lunch and sending me off to camp.
Preparing to return home, I e-mailed Pat this morning. "I know you have already pushed me out of the nest but I have one more question, when can I kiss Joe?" Her reply: "The minute you see him! You share what we call "family germs." Kissing and any other activity of adult choice (within reason, your platelets are low and won't tolerate too vigorous an activity). Check the manual under "sexuality." And the kids too are fine to kiss, unless they've been kissing frogs or something like that. Take care little chick, you are more than ready to be home and take care of what life will hand you. Just remember to take care of yourself too. Pat."

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