Wednesday, June 16, 2010

100% Donor Cells

Further results of the bone marrow biopsy came in yesterday with Chimerism testing showing 100% donor cells in my bone marrow. Hide nor hair or my cells were not detectable. The nurses and doctors are impressed. "Does this mean that my changes of Graft Vs. Host Disease are lessened?" I asked. "No," came the reply. We still have GVHD to look forward to in whatever form it shall manifest.

My lumbar puncture (spinal tap with chemo flushed into the spinal fluid surrounding brain) was scheduled for Friday, June 18 and now postponed until the following week because my blood counts are not "robust" enough. The methotrexate chemo pushed into the spinal fluid has a tendency to subdue blood counts so the plan is to wait until my counts are better before introducing more poison. O.K. by me. I hate lumbar punctures! Before they let me out of here, I understand that I will endure six of the lumbar punctures -- just for good measure. Hang in here Fons!

My white blood count is 1.72 thou/uL. Normal is 4.3-10.00 My platelet Count is 59 thou/uL. Normal is 150 - 400. Neutrophils is 0.78. Normal is 1.80 -7.00. the neutophil number is what is looked at to notice engraftment. Remember the 500 magic number. 500 being sign of engraftment. We are now at 780. Slow but so far sure.

Please continue us in prayer.

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