Saturday, June 5, 2010

Perfect Storm

So there is this amazing moment this morning when the girls woke up. I had come in the night before under the cover of darkness when they were asleep. I had discovered their gifts to me throughout the apartment including them. This morning, I had to greet them. I wanted to touch them and hug them. Kathy LeClaire got her body between us. "Valerie, you have got to protect yourself and not get too close." There was a hot moments when me being mom and Kathy being consummate care giver came to a face-off. For all our best laid plans of how this is all going to work, I never thought out what it would mean when I saw my girls and had to hug. So, I sang to them, across the room and got into the cab for labs. The cab driver was coughing. So what is a person with no immune system supposed to do? Years ago, transplant patients were literally kept in a bubble. Nurses and doctors weren't even allowed to touch them. We will see what kind of a bubble I can live into today.

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