Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A "deliver to current resident" flyer came through our mail box at the Pete Gross House for the Pacific Northwest Ballet. A full color graphic of dancer in costume on point with arms, wrists and fingers in grace upon expressive-grace position arrested me. The ballet. How wonderful if we could go to the ballet. I asked every one of our volunteers and the volunteer desk at the SCCA where tickets and passes are usually found. No one knew how to get tickets nor if there were tickets available through SCCA channels. The on-line site for PNB said that to make a request for donated tickets one needed to be a ballet subscriber or member. No one I spoke with at the SCCA house and through my contacts is a member. The idea of the ballet wouldn't let me loose. I called the business office at the ballet and left a message on the answering machine of Ellen Walker.
A few days later, Kathy and I were making one of our regular shuttle trips to the clinic lab. "I forgot my phone," I said before the shuttle took off. "I'll go get it," Kathy offered. Eddie, the driver said we had seven minutes before take-off so Kathy re-entered the building and went for the phone. When she came back she was talking on the phone. "Just a minute, I'll let you talk with Valerie," Kathy said as she handed the phone to me. Ellen Walker was calling.
"Of course, you will have tickets and not just for your girls, we want you to come and I've just spoken with your care giver and we will provide a ticket for her too," said Ellen. Oh my. Amazing how a day can change. Abundance heaped on, gracious, amazing, extravagant gift. I felt filled, wrapped and lifted in the joy of that moment hearing Ellen's voice, receiving the gift and being amazed. The ballet, the ballet!
Kathy just looked at me. "Now, how did you do that?" she asked. "I got this vision from looking at the flyer and I just started asking and when someone listened, even the answering machine, I just told the truth, Ellen Walker heard me and gave the tickets. It comes to this: God moved," I said. Still beaming.

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