Friday, June 4, 2010

Working the Plan to Legalize

Heather Cheng wrote the discharge papers on Saturday, but I remained in the hospital until Thursday before getting out because there was sickness in our apartment. And, when I got out, I bent the rules but not having a care provider with me. I can not abide running foul. Betrayal of the team is what I call it. My relationship with the team was mutual respect until today when I disclosed to the doc that I'm sleeping with Mini Mouse. Blatantly disregarding all sense and doctor's orders by being alone, without care giver. Unacceptable. Had to change.
Micala, Korrina and Kayla are still not 100% feeling great. One doctor said that when a person shows symptoms there is less "shedding" of infection than before a person develops symptoms. We are learning so much more here than I ever needed to know. I'm keeping the room at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance House through the weekend. Why sit in the apartment where germs circulate in a two bedroom concrete can hanging out Saturday and Sunday? I wait until they have eaten dinner, tonight, at 10:00 p.m., I take a cab from my room at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to the Pete Gross House and buzz in to our apartment. Go straight to my room and shut the door. No food consumption, no sitting on the couch eating pop corn giggling. Just sleep in my room so Kathy can come in a couple of times during the night and make sure I am still breathing. I get up tomorrow morning and vacate after Kathy gets a good look at the whites of my eyes and my temperature reads normal. Clinic labs by 9:30 and back to my cloister den at the SCCA House. Kathy spent the evening Cloroxing light switches, door knobs and every reachable surface in prep. for my arrival at the Pete Gross House. Such is the life of a person exploring life and assessing risks with no immune system. Why would we think that having a care giver at night is any more important than being with a care giver in day light? Sweet dreams.

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