Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Engraftment On The Nose

The laboratory tests came in on my blood this morning. My absolute neutrophils are 500! The magic number on the nose. Not one tiddly or twitch more or less. 500! Right on the money. Can you believe that?! The slow, steady climb is also extraordinary. So many cautioned me that this would be a one step forward two steps back process. Look at me -- Absolute neutrophils on 5/28 was 0.20. 5/29 0.24, 5/30 0.29, 5/31 0.28, 6/1 0.45, 6/2 0.50. This is amazing.

Also amazing is that my platelets are coming up on their own and without additional transfusion. My platelets were 12 yesterday and today they are 17. Still at high risk of bleed but my marrow is making blood. We are doing what we were born to do.

My white blood cells are in production. 5/28 0.57, 5/29 0.75, 5/30 0.94, 5/31 0.99, 6/1 1.27 and today, 6/2 1.38. My body is still unable to fight infection on its own but my fledgling immune system is starting to build.

Thanks be to God and Thank you for your prayers. We have a long way yet to go.

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  1. Valerie, I am holding you close, and so pleased to know that the transplant is now moving forward. Be restful when you can, and let the body do its work. Love, Joan Howard