Friday, June 11, 2010

Devotion 67, Day 33 Post Transplant

When I began the devotion project, it was clear from the beginning that I wasn't writing devotion, rather noticing the devotion of God. It is barely 9:30 a.m. and I have a list of Thanks be to God:

. I slept through the night
. Kathy LeClaire brought breakfast to my bed room
. I was reminded of my mother Venita June who was Christ-like and emptied herself in service for others.
. All three girls went to school today
. The Hutch School is going on a field trip today on a ferry to Bremerton to play on the beach and Kayla will be on the look out for Harbor Seals since she wrote a special report on Harbor Seals, created a huge poster and presented to the class. Just the thought of Kayla on the look-out for harbor seals delights me.
. Eddie the shuttle driver makes a joke; "If you are late to the appointment, tell them the shuttle driver got lost." The dear man makes the same loop from Pete Gross House to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance all day, every day and the thought of him being lost on the five minute loop had the entire shuttle laughing.
. There were no horror stories on the shuttle this morning.
. The lab tech who called my name this morning was Ainoi, the gentle, stocky Asian with a ring of tattoos around his arm. Before transplant and before my Hickman, Ainoi had called my name for blood draw. I don't remember what started the conversation but he said that when he was in the army he volunteered to allow the newbies to practice blood draws on him. At the clinic, he is the guinea pig for all new applicants and hires.
. I visited the chapel and sat quiet.
. The resource center on floor three of the clinic checks out a book to me about bone marrow transplants and I can learn more about infection.
. The tan team doctors will meet with me at 10:00 and share their wisdom.

God doesn't just shape up and surface on the "good" days but I do feel especially blessed this day by God's abiding love. And, your prayers.

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