Friday, May 28, 2010


Please forgive that I made an urgent call for prayer and then went silent on this end for two days. One of the difficulties on this end was the TPN. Nutrition in an I.V. bag. One bag is about as big as a back pack in size and a lime/yellow color. Another bag comes with it -- a white bag of lipids/fats. Somehow, my body had tanked up on the product so much that I was having a huge metallic taste in my mouth, upon waking was disoriented, weak and fatigued -- like pass out rather than sleep when tired. Early Thursday morning, I said I wanted the bag stopped. The nurse did. When the doctors came through I heard that TPN is over $500.00 a bag and really a great batch of vitamins and this would be the last day and I might just as well finish the bag. We started the IV drip again. Within a few hours I was having symptoms so I quit the bag and good ridden. I did an internet search and found that TPN does have side efforts though not common and is certainly used on bone marrow transplant people and usually used in critical nutrient needs. So, we are over that hump. When the nutritionist came in she said that the bag of TPN is a whole lot more than $500.00 per bag. I don't know the figure but I had it thrown in bio-hazard bag and I'm eating again.

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