Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prayer Request

Pray for graft. That Lynette's cells will find their way to their new home in me and get to work. As long as you are at it and if it isn't asking too much. I want a graft without a full body war. Host vs. Graft disease takes many forms and is grueling. Pray for graft and gracious welcome. Co-existence. Embrace. Love at first sight. Delirious recognition that my body is home and a good place to raise a family of more blood cells.

Henri Nouwan says that welcome is "making room for the other." We did not practice Nouwan holy hospitality when Lyn's marrow arrived in my body. We waited two days after transplant --until her T-cells showed themselves and infused mega doses of chemo to beat down her most agressive cells. After the carnage, we hope to let by-gones be by-gones. Can we get along famously, even though I wiped out her front line? Can her marrow trust me?

I'm thinking forgiveness inside my body in this place for me in this time.


  1. Profound prayer request to which I'm answering "Yes", I will pray that prayer with you.

  2. Hey, Valerie, I'm praying for you on the Pacific. My daughter, Katie, and I are on a Princess ship from LA --> Vancouver. Water, your kind of place. :)