Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kathy LeClair

She is an Irish woman married to a French Canadian. The outcome of such a match is the exquisite freedom to laugh past a cordial ho ho and great sense of humor. Kathy is the only person I know who is so refreshed by Sunday go-to-meeting that her countenance chances. She is home churched. That is how I first met her. Bob Eldridge drove with me through a blizzard to her home in Two Rivers, Wisconsin for church. I had all six children with me. Kathy made room for us on her living room floor for the night. Her husband Gene brought out the legos.
I didn't know Kathy very well when she said she was coming to Seattle. She made her commitment, April 24 through June 1. Canceled a trip to Ireland to be with me. Parted from Gene to be with me and the girls.
Kathy has carried my bags, washed my clothes, tucked my girls in, shadowed me at appointments, learned to change the dressings. Taken bus, taxi, shuttle, hitch-hiked and walked to be by me in the hospital.
Kathy always carries the scriptures in her shoulder bag. I have never seen her without the good book alive in word, manner and deed. You may have heard about the hands of Christ. Kathy has the eyes of Christ. Kathy looks with mercy and shares the yoke.

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