Friday, May 28, 2010

God's Abundance

About six months ago, people started calling on my cell phone to reserve rooms at Bread & Water. One day I was having a blood draw and a woman called to reserve the Heritage Room. I remember laying on the recovery table from a lumbar puncture with chemo to the cranial spinal fluid and my cell phone rings. I take the call. While laying down, I'm taking a reservation for the summer season. Seemed like the right things to do. People are calling for rooms. I have rooms. Work out the details later. Later came just in time. A recreational education student from LaCrosse moved into the apartment at Bread & Water, LLC, Washington Island this week. He is opening the kayak business for the summer and managing the rooms. Both rental rooms at Bread & Water are booked for the Memorial Day weekend. The guests arrived today. I have never met Billy. God works in mysterious ways. God's wonders to behold. Sounds like engraftment to me.


  1. Thank you, thank you for your post updates. When you went silent I got really scared for you. What a joy to read about your many celebrations and opportunity to go "home" in the next few days.

    Memorial Day weekend a year ago I rode to Washington Island to visit you. A memory I treasure. Thank you for your hospitality.

    112 miles today; 160 on Monday.

  2. Shake, shake, shake that tambourine!