Friday, May 7, 2010

Cue The Cello

Susan W. holds me in the Light."
Marianne announces her presentation of "Why We Quilt" in Lansing, as a fund raiser for transplant-related costs.
Susan R. sends CD player, music and angel rock, plus coaching wisdom for staying in the game.
Alison models healing and practices prayer and dreams for my behalf.
Kathy L. cooks for Micala, Korrina and Kayla and tucks them in at night in rented beds.
Kathy G. brings the girls to see me in Room 7212 at the hospital.
Beth takes the girls to dinner.
Mark photographs the girls and decorates my hospital room with smiling images.
Corrine brings and serves communion.
Karen brings books.
Debbie brings her knitting.
Chris delivered the kayak paddle.
Lee, Chuck, Ric, Mark, Joe, Len and Susan serve as ministry advisory board.
Joseph L. takes care of Shammond, Steve and Joshua, holds the fort and plants flowers.
Carol, Connie and Bonnie prepare for paddlers for Year II Island event.
Estelle calls to sing and say healing prayers.
Lynette offered her body to be drilled.
Doctor Heather Chang harvested the perfect HLM tissue type related match.
Erika, RN, pumped my central line with drugs to prepare my body to welcome the infusion.
Someone handed me the warm bags of unprocessed bone marrow brought to light.
I held one of the bags to my cheek and cried.
Lynette gave the life giving gift.
Kathy and SCCA chaplain engaged in the blessing of the stem cells.
Erika hung the four bags of blood on the IV pole/transom and began the drip.
Jackie chose this perfect timing to sit in the hall outside my open door and play her cello.
Nurses came by with a birthday card for me on this my new birthday.
Jackie quit Bach for a moment and played Happy Birthday on her cello.
Valerie had cookies and ice cream before the party was finished.
Erika returned to the room every 15 minutes after each new bag was accessed to take vitals.
A nurse came into my room every hour for the 14 hours of infusion to record my vital signs.
Infusion of transplant took about 14 hours.
1,688 ml of Lynette's marrow was received through my central line into my body.
This birthday girl is a lucky duck.


  1. Beautiful! Confirmation that recovery takes a whole team all over the continent and world.

  2. I so wish I would have found your blog sooner. I am with you Valerie.