Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now Hear This Carol Meyer, et. al

For Carol Meyer, Bonnie Burnham, Connie Hatch and all the volunteers, sponsors and participants for -- I am thinking of you every day. Marveling of you and what you are doing on Washington Island to prepare for the racers. I remember how exhausted we were last year and how excited we were as the days got closer to our Year I event. All the details the months before, weeks before, days before, night before and day of. Part of me is there with you. Don't think I did this on purpose to dump more of the work your way. But, hey, since you are doing it, know that I am benefiting greatly by what you are doing -- for all the good reasons of a great event on Washington Island for community and economy and all the number one flyers for purpose know that there is a woman in room 7212 at University of Washington Hospital who thrives on your efforts. You are not helpless in anyway. You are making me well by carrying on with the vision and practice of the great race around the Island and teaching people to kayak and opening up the waterways around the Island for paddlers. As I see it from bedside, the Washington Island Ferry faces the terror of Death's Door every day and makes the crossing a community event, therapeutic routine. All of us Washington Islanders are practiced crossing Death's Door. Hear what that says about us! And, some of us privileged few, through the get to paddle across. Life just doesn't get any better.

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