Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lard Ass

So, I'm laying in the hospital bed reflecting upon the theological significance of "take up your pallet and walk." What can this verse have to do with my call to ministry and the greater good. Tonight and for today I found the short/sure answer to my prayer. Just get out of the bed and walk the halls -- move the legs. Breathe standing up. Circulate the body. Turn off "Star Wars" and all the commercials in between and walk sister walk. I had minimized to one or two strolls per day. Not a pretty picture. Just sat down from an up and at'm. Carol Machek on Island said to take a small walk every hour. I can hear your voice in my head Carol. Take my hand Lord. I'm making me a choice to raise out of this bed. Big talk not needed here. Pick up the feet. One in front of the other.

1 comment:

  1. Visualizing the whole hourly walk may sometimes be overwhelming. Pick out a landmark 20' ahead, a door, an exit sign, an IV pole. Walk to it. Choose then to walk to the next land mark. It's about breaking the whole walk down into doable units. I know you did this on your canoe journeys--one landmark at a time, one swell at a time. You can do this. Take up your pallet and walk, sister.