Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rocky Roads Paved With Prayer

Day 2, today. Called a "rest" day in the protocol. Day 3 and Day 4 includes 50 mg/kg/day Cyclophosphamide. Total Cyclophosphamide = 100 mg/kg. The purpose of Cyclophosphamide is to minimize Graft vs. Host desease -- basically reign in Lynette's T-cells before they search and destroy my body. While the Day - 6, -5, -4 and -3 lethal doses of Fludarabine and Buslfan destroyed the capacity of my body to make blood, the blood I have in my body is still circulating. The anti-bodies in my blood were low enough at time of transplant to make no fight with the mis-match of blood type coming in.

My counts will continue to drop. As counts drop, chance of infection increases.

In one form (Stage 1-4) my G.I. system will experience sores and ulcers, patients are fed with tubes, receive medications through I.V. and live with a pain pump for a time. Worst case is breathing constraint which in rare cases necessitates a breathing tube.

A waiting period continues until the graft takes hold and counts began to rise. When counts rise the concern becomes Graft vs. Host disease which takes many forms.

We have come a long way and have a long way to go.

Please include me in your prayers. As I write this, I want to stand on my hospital bed in Room 7212 and yell as loud as I can "call every prayer chain you know. Contact the prayer warriors. Mention my need to your neighbor on the street." If Paul Revere were present and the horse pounding the dirt, I would offer a bucket of water for the steed, then slap the four-legged's rump and yell "go as fast as you can, spread the word." Pray because my life depends upon it.

The nurse came in while I am writing this. After taking my vital signs, she asked "is there anything I can get for you?" I was blogging for prayer so I didn't ask her for crackers or ice. "Prayer, " I said. "Would you like me to call a chaplain?" she asked. "Yes, for tomorrow morning." "Thank you."

I can help (in prayer) too. You (I'm not just asking others to do it for me) don't have to do it all. "I pray for sufficient courage and stamina to survive the coming trial and I pray for mercy. Heal me Jehovah. Hide me 'neath your wings until the death angel passes by. Be my dwelling place. As I am changed throughout treatment, lead me to be faithful. " I dare not say "teach me to be faithful, least the lesson be too hard for me to bare. Lead me. I will follow." Amen.

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