Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ode To Lynette

Hard working mama.
Remember your first job at Kroger Supermarket.
Shirt waist grey with name badge.
Check out girl at register.
Now assistant attorney for the City of Houston.
Designer clothes standard.
Your work ethic turns whatever you wear into roll-up-your sleeves serious.
High School Wranglerette
Chorus line joiner.
Cookie cutter parade uniform.
Cow boy boots and hat. Skirt and shirt with bouncing, jiggling fringe.
Kid sister.
Remember your winter wedding.
Full length knock-out raspberry wool gown.
Laying on your tummy.
White sheet cover.
Offering your bone to be broken.
Two doctors working you over.
Dueling aspirations.
Your marrow sucked and drained
Harvested and carted to my needing body.
Trusting the anesthesiologist to monitor your every breath.
Gift giver.
You bring a flower card.
A comfy navy pant and top matching yours from the gift shop.
"It's all good," you proclaim as Barney wheels you in to visit.
Watch and wait buddy
Checking in long distance to inquire.
Day 23
Count 240 neutrophils up from zero.
Engraftment at 500.
Birth mom.
Without a stitch.

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